World of Niche’s First Collection

“You’ve stumbled upon a world outside of the imaginable. A world with no lines, and no distractions. Instead, World of Niché forgoes hype in favor of a singular goal to make a product of unparalleled quality, and to present that product with the finest service. With only 50 made of each style, W.O.N ensures each and every product adheres to strict specifications. Additionally, with a no-phones policy, and a strict one-on-one, by-appointment only schedule, World of Niché can ensure the needs of every customer are attended to with the utmost care. To go along with this anti-hype mentality, customers may only purchase one product per appointment. As for what lies beyond the World of Niché is only for those curious enough to find out…”


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First Collection (SOLD OUT online, still available to purchase by making an appointment to go in store):
  1. Collection Boot ‘Olive’ also available in Black and Navy
  2. Bullet ‘Olive’ also available in Tan and Navy

  3. Crossover ‘Olive’ also available in Grey and Chestnut

Author: Ashwin Padalkar

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