Wardrobe for the World Traveler: glamb SS17 “Supertramp”

Japanese label glamb dubs the word “Supertramp”, which is defined as wandering, for their new spring/summer campaign. Throughout their lookbook, the feeling of freedom is expressed through appealing rock-influenced fashion as inquisitive models gallivant across the beaches of the west coast, the desert of Joshua Tree, and the streets of Los Angeles.

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The brand’s Assistant Designer Takaaki “TK” Kubo took to the label’s blog to explain the seasonal theme and how it resonates with his personal experiences in life.

“Traveling with curiosity throughout my journey has made a tremendous impact on my life. Choose who you would like to have fun with if you get lost” is a saying I have used as a guideline, which lead me to exploring and living in nature. From going on these various trips, I learned how to conceptualize designs and thus decided to become a fashion designer.”

He elaborates on the idea that all the purposes and destinations of a trip are decided, while the journey is coincidental.


“It might seem that a thing will happen in daily life as a matter of course. However, if you are traveling, you can decide yourself in advance about what you want to put yourself in. Much like journeys, clothes are a blueprint for what you want to do and how you want to feel for a given day or night. The image of the time you want to spend takes shape as coordination.”

Cut it. Stack it. Paste it. Break it. Connect it. These are references to the design methodology behind their rock aesthetic for the season. The apparel range offers a vast amount of outerwear options that includes a leather rider jacket, convertible field jacket, hi-low buffalo plaid jacket, cowichan MA-1 jacket, convertible trench coat, slab cardigan, oversized knitwear, souvenir jacket, and oversized overalls.

Collection Standouts

Nes trench coat $367.31

  • Wool
  • Double-breasted
  • Fake layered waist stitching
  • Inside-zip to convert to short trench

Bolsey field jacket $431.57

  • Water-repellent fabric = bodice + collar
  • Mesh lining
  • 5 front pockets (matching big hidden pockets)
  • Removable-zip sleeves to convert to vest

Jed cowichan MA-1 $254.15

  • Nylon sleeves + Cable knit bodice
  • Leather front chest tab
  • Checkered lining
  • Double-zip front

Blankey big knit $187.01

  • Oversized-fit
  • Low-gauge knit
  • Multi-colored yarns for heather-look

Hadson layered knit

  • 7-gauge jersey = bodice
  • 5-gauge cable knit = pocket
  • 12-gauge Indian strip = layering knit


Slab cardigan

  • Double-knit wool checkered pattern
  • Fringed hem
  • Snap buttons + hang buttons

The “Supertramp” collection is currently available for purchase on their online store.

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Author: Mike Doering


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