Lucki: Chicago’s Undergound King


  Name: Lucki Camel

Alias: Lucki (fka Lucki Eck$)

Age: 20 (DOB: 5/30/1996)

Location: Chicago, IL

Affiliated Acts: Plu2o Nash, Chance the Rapper, Ran$ah, Chief Keef, Monster Mike

Biggest Song: Count On Me

Legendary co-signs from the likes of Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and the late A$AP Yams.

Collaborations with Chance the Rapper, Danny Brown, Playboi Carti, and FKA Twigs.

Six completed projects and the creation of a unique sub-genre of hip hop, alternative trap.

These are all accolades belonging to Lucki (formerly known as Lucki Eck$), and he still isn’t even old enough to legally buy a drink. Not too bad for a high school dropout from the Westside of Chicago.

Lucki immediately caught the hip hop community’s attention with the release of his critically acclaimed debut mixtape, Alternative Trap (a play on Acid Rap), in 2013. With a sound that lies somewhere on the Chicago soundscape between the colorfully inspiring Chance the Rapper and drill king Chief Keef, his effortless rapping about the usual topics of drug dealing and girls is filled with witty wordplay and done over unconventional, dreamy instrumentals instead of over booming bass and skittering hi-hats.

At a stark contrast to typical trap music, Lucki floats over his beats without exaggerated braggadocio or aggression. With a bouncingly melodic yet simultaneously lazy flow, Lucki’s music over Hippie Dream and Plu2o Nash’s production is almost playful, his just-got-out-of-bed cadence relaxing.

But if you manage to look past the vibe of his music, you can see that he actually paints a vivid depiction of addiction and poverty with his lyrics, chillingly poignant next to his feel-good production and delivery. His descriptions of customers ruining their lives and how he’s cashin’ out pulls back the curtain on Chicago’s drug culture.

On top of his cloudy beats and authentic storytelling, his tales of the streets are riddled with cleverly crafted bars such as:

  • Like gas stations shut down, got the whole town on E
  • I keep ’em hooked and hungover, I’m the drug dealing closet
  • Don’t make me catch a body like trust falls

He was still just 17 years old at this point. He couldn’t even buy swishers. Let that sink in.


A year later, he followed up Alternative Trap with Body High, another fantastic mixtape that further showcased him whipping it solo in the alternative trap lane. But here, we begin to see Lucki’s transition from drug dealer to drug user. In the opening song, he raps about breaking the Notorious B.I.G.’s fourth commandment by getting high on his own supply.

He admitted that he crafted the whole album completely barred out, even going so far as to consume 20 bars in a single day.

With lyrics throughout the mixtape like:

  • It’s like you got my heart in my hand // and my drugs there too // I might wanna get one back // It’s like I wanna be in your life but I wanna end it too
  • Now muhfuckers asking me like why you actin different? // Then have a heart to heart but by the morning I forget it
  • Maybe you should know one of your friends tried to rob me // god damn it’s a shame you gonna miss him

Lucki continues weaving tales of his life that are both disquieting and captivating. He raps about the difficult truths of his life and doesn’t excessively glorify or sugarcoat them, and shows us with plenty of music videos.

The visuals he shares are artistic and cerebral, with the trippy ‘Xan Cage’ video giving us a glimpse of his reality through his eyes.

When Lucki turned 19, he celebrated by blessing the world with another mixtape, X. His sharp plunge into drug addiction here becomes even more evident, as his already signature sedated flow becomes even more sluggish while his beat selection veers from warm to cold.

His music evolves here from the more youthful sound of his first two projects, and he even gets Chance to adopt his style on their collaboration and he tries his hand at producing.

For the self-proclaimed lowlife, Lucki is fully riding the Xan wave, still finessin’, still spitting bars like, My bitch don’t like new niggas, say they gon get me caught // Say fuck with them you gon catch records, ’07 Randy Moss. 

Lucki compiled a collection of freestyles into the Freewave EP a few months later. His style becomes more energetic, his songs much more turnt up. His sound trends towards guys like Playboi Carti, Thouxanbanfauni, and UnoTheActivist, but his wordplay remains tiers above them.

  • She thought I was copping feels but really I was frisking 
  • Got my pole up on me and my index want a strip show
  • You’re bitch testing out my trap, she’s a lab rat

Another few months after the Freewave EP, Lucki drops Son of Sam EP, and it sounds like he recorded it from the bottom of the pit that his drug spiral dragged him into. An ode to the famous serial killer David Berkowitz, who killed six people in New York in 1977 claiming to be obeying the orders of a demon who manifested in the dog of his neighbor, Sam, the vibe of the short project is creepily charismatic. With dark instrumentals and a sloppy cursive flow, your eardrums will feel like they are stuck in syrup.

The music is introspective, a window into Lucki’s drug-addled mind, and gives off the feeling of when you’re too high, desperately trying to capture some clarity, but everything is just too hazy.

There was definitely not a single sober cell in this man’s body at this point in time, and many of his fans were fearful for this man’s life. But in August 2016 we were graced with the Freewave II EP, and his confession that he was off the Xans felt believable. His stream-of-consciousness flow and comparatively sober sound mark the first time that his music has become more clear sounding from one project to the next.

Looking back, Lucki’s music is a jarringly accurate personification of the ups and downs of Xanax. Whereas Alternative Trap and most of Body High effectively capture the carefree euphoria and relaxation after taking bars, the stretch from X to Son of Sam EP chronicled his slow progression into a regularly xanned-out lowlife, with a give-no-fucks attitude and no remorse over finessing others.

A fitting comparison for the man with the codeine-coated flow.

I guess this journey was inevitable. Lucki always wanted to be a teenager on drugs, and when he was 18, he looked at himself and said, “I’m exactly who I want to be”. Authenticity was and is never a problem with this rapper.

Now that he’s sober (relatively speaking), expect many more great projects from Lucki, filled with the usual otherworldly beats and cerebral punchlines. With his debut album on the horizon, Lucki is about to takeover in a big way.

alternative trap.jpgbody high.jpgx.jpgfreewave.jpg

son of sam.jpgfreewave ii.jpgwatch-my-back Watch My Back coming soon…

Interesting Facts

  • Former Glo Gang member
  • Lucki started rapping in seventh grade
  • A member of the 197/Outsider’s Clique (O$C)


Author: Dawool Huh

Let me know when A$AP Rocky and La Flame drop something

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