No.One- A Balance of Order and Disorder

No.One is an independent footwear brand born from the converging disciplines of art, craft and technology.

The brand specializes in the micro-production of premium quality sneakers for the limited few. Offering a small-run debut collection along with a bespoke service for individual clients, No.One hand makes each pair of shoes in its studio in Venice, California. The studio is a state-of-the-art environment, including spaces such as a shoemaker workshop, research facility, and concept showroom. Here, No.One is able to oversee the entire manufacturing process of their shoes- from the initial cutting of patterns to final packaging.

Inspired by creatives such as photographer Francis Wolff, painter Ellsworth Kelly, scientist Lennart Nilsson, and musicians Hipgnosis, No.One employs an avant-garde system that is the basis of their creativity and design.

The No.One System
The No.One System is a series of three concentric circles. Specific studies of four worlds are emphasized on the outside, connecting to three key disciplines that operate as one, with a more metaphysical core at its center. There is no single order in which to read the diagram. No one element supersedes another.

No.One System

The diagram serves as a process that is imbued in everything No.One creates. It is structured disorder in nine interconnected parts, operating as one. While it appears paradoxical, it is less a method to control the unknown and more a way to extract as much from it as possible. A clarity within the chaos.

The Shoes
Alpha Desert Boot- Available in Black or Camel (14 pairs made)- $675 USD

Deconstructed Technical Boot- A desert boot that mixes its military roots with a technical hand shaped EVA midsole. The upper is cut from 6 oz. Charles Stead hunting suede with a full grain aniline reverse side for lining. Upper is hand stitched to a vegetable tanned leather lasting board using the Alpha box stitch construction. The alpha is hand lasted on the Alpha V.1 last and set to cure in the California sun for 5 days

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To Learn More

No.One also published A 72 page hardcover book called “A Diagram of Disorder.” It is a visual study on the No.One System with chapters on Art, Craft and Technology, The Known and the Unknown and the balance of Order and Disorder.


Author: Ashwin Padalkar

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