Squidnice: “I’m Different”


Name: Joshua Joseph

Alias: Squidnice 

Age: 20 (DOB: 2/3/1997)

Location: Staten Island, NY

Affiliated Acts: Malcolm Anthony

Biggest Song: Trap By My Lonely

Most artists cannot hold the public’s attention without their music, while certain artists have larger-than-life personalities that draw people in like fruit flies to honey.

These are the stars who make their presence felt in any setting and leave a signature mark on everything they get their hands on. Guys like A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, and Lil Yachty are a few who come to mind as individuals who just inject a whole new element into their music simply with their identity. To put it simply, they have the sauce.

Joshua Joseph, better known as the rapper Squidnice from Staten Island, New York, has some of that sauce.

His discography to-date consists of just a small handful of SoundCloud loosies, but he already has a couple of hits under his belt with ‘Trap By My Lonely’ and ‘Everywhere I Go’, which are sitting on a total of over two million hits. It’s a different sound than what you’re probably used to, tinged with some reggae and dancehall influence, but before you realize it his haunting melodies will get stuck in your head for days on end.

There’s a reason why he snuck onto Episode Three of Frank Ocean’s Blonded Radio playlist. His signature drowsy cadence is hypnotic and his knack for unorthodox flows capitalizes on the melodic trap craze while still being unique. But his confident persona is what really puts the whole package together. He is so convinced in his inevitable stardom that he got a face tattoo of the digits “22”, which are the last two figures on a Xanax pill – an ode to his trapping days.

Squid’s confidence translates directly to the stage, where he oozes charisma and elevates his music to another level. One of the primary indicators of the potential of a rapper’s career is how well they perform. Today, too many performers just walk around while they let the backtrack play, but Squidnice puts on a real show that’ll have you giggin’ before you realize.

When he burst onto the stage at the recent Smoker’s Club 4/20 show in Santa Ana (which featured artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Joey Bada$$, and Playboi Carti), the natural performer immediately captured the attention of the crowd and turnt it up ten notches. His infectious energy had the crowd moving, even though he was performing for the first time in Southern California, 3,000 miles from home.

Squid started rapping in eighth grade and would have the whole school mesmerized when he freestyled over table-tap beats at lunch as students, teachers, and even the lunch ladies watched. He shines when the lights are on him, and in his own words, “I always had niggas captivated.”

He started recording his raps when he was 17 and would garner a few thousand plays per song until he dropped ‘Trap By My Lonely’ in September 2015. Now, he’s racking up hundreds of thousands of plays, and his swelling fan base is anxiously waiting for his Mr. Lonely EP and debut project The Craccen to drop.

His rise in the industry has also coincided with him dipping his toes into fashion, as he walked the runway for Hood By Air to showcase their Spring 2017 collection and also performed at Style Fashion Week at Madison Square Garden in February 2017.

squid fashion

Squid’s magnetic personality belies his tough upbringing, which included his dad kicking him out of the house with a gun in his face, his mom getting a tumor in her hand, and him trapping as a lifestyle.  But at the end of the day, he is a guy genuinely having fun, and there are no limits as to how far that can take you. Don’t be surprised to hear his name bounced around once his anticipated projects drop.

Interesting Facts

  • You may know him from the “If he’s 5, I’m 5” meme that went viral, which features his baby picture with photoshopped earrings and tattoo
  • People started calling him Squid in 7th grade because he would wear a rasta hat and people would say he looked like the squid from Shark Tale
  • Managed by Ruddy Rock
  • Calls Kehlani “mom”
  • High school dropout


Author: Dawool Huh

Let me know when A$AP Rocky and La Flame drop something

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