Clear Weather Brand: Recreating Classics For The Future

How do you stand out in a footwear industry that’s dominated by a multitude of brands trying to fill the same limited vacancies with very similar looking products?

By having an original aesthetic and possessing an unwavering willingness to embrace bold design concepts and new marketing methods. This is what we’ve seen from Clear Weather, a directional shoe brand whose products are never boring and are sure to stand out on your feet.

Clear Weather Brand, founded in December 2014 by brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker, is a reference to an ancient Native American symbol that literally translates to “Clear Weather.” The brothers fell in love with the symbol not only for its clean lines and practical applicability on a shoe, but also because the symbol holds a deeper meaning. Josh explained, “Clear Weather means that it’s the two of us together without anybody telling us what’s right or wrong.”


The idea of starting/owning their own brand was the culmination of over 30 years of combined experience in designing footwear. Before the partnership took the market by storm, Josh curated 100% of the design for Supra footwear from the brand’s inception in 2006. Together with Chad Muska, Josh served as the head designer for the now infamous Supra Skytop series. Brandon started as a designer at Vans in 1994 and transitioned to the design director for Converse before settling in as the VP of Design at Supra Footwear.

The two brothers, though appreciative of all they had learned in their time as designers, felt it was time for them to branch out on their own. Josh explained, “It was just time for us both to execute our vision unfiltered by a comity that always seems to stifle the process.” The brothers also felt they had hit a ceiling in terms of their happiness. They had achieved all they could in a corporate setting and needed to set out to create something on their own.

Playing with clean lines, classic color blocking and premium fabrication and materials, Clear Weather offers superior styles at an accessible price point. This makes them stand out from the crowd of over-priced sneakers and cheap quality shoes commonly found in the market places today. Celebrities have certainly noticed. Clear Weather has been spotted on the feet of influencers such as Tariq Black , Usher, Lil John, Justin Bieber, Kaleo , Ty Lawson, Paul George, Matt Harvey, and Rickie Fowler.

Although they are still very young, Clear Weather Brand has been able to create their own sole tooling – something very unique for smaller companies. Brandon explained, “We knew from the beginning we wanted to create our own tool. If you really think about the ‘classics,’ the outsole tooling is a staple in the design.” He continues, “Everyone uses the same Italian cup that is too low and played out. We have been designing shoes for too long to launch a brand using an existing outsole.”

Cortamba custom- collaboration between Clear Weather brand and The Shoe Surgeon on the Convx

There is no better example of this than in the design of the Convx. The final design of this silhouette is an evolution of the shoes that they began with. This shoe is unique in that their signature bottom tread is pulled up the side wall, and instead of using a common square and sharp tool, the bottom is rounded to mimic the bottom of a boat.

The Brubaker brothers also stay true to their skateboarding roots with the launch of their skate shoe line. By combining strategically placed suede and timeless, contemporary design, Clear Weather has been able to create a shoe that maximizes functionality and beauty.

With company taglines that reads “Recreating Classics For The Future” & “Independent /Vision/Composition”, Clear Weather Brand is poised to continue to push boundaries. Their aim is to continue to revolutionize the footwear industry by consistently launching new silhouettes. Peep the slideshow below for some of our favorites, including shoes from their SS17 collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Author: Ashwin Padalkar

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