Lavati: A Formula for Success

What makes a sneaker valuable? What makes a sneakerhead inclined to buy a pair of sneakers? American footwear label Lavati believes that they have found the formula.

“Since we know how the sneakerhead market is and that people want something special, you can’t make it for everyone,” Lavati co-founder Yossi Shetrit stated. “They don’t want to go into Finish Line and be able to buy something that everyone else has.” 

“The reason why the Yeezys and Jordans are so valuable is because you can’t get your hands on it, and when you do, it’s a big thrill,” Lavati’s other co-founder Davidson Petit-Frere adds. “We want to have that same experience with Lavati.”

Lavati is the brainchild of Shetrit and Petit-Frere. Shetrit, a graduate of the FIT menswear program, holds a degree in footwear design from the same university. Petit-Frere, on the other hand, is involved with the menswear brand Musika Frère and has made suits for some of the biggest celebrities all over the world. Petit-Frere’s connections together with Shetrit’s eye for simple, aesthetically pleasing footwear has allowed for Lavati to be seen on the feet of some of today’s most recognizable names.

All of the Lavati shoes are made in Italy where every detail on every shoe is given individual TLC. “We went to Italy and were able to meet all the suppliers who make every component of our shoe,” Shertit says. “So it’s the soles, the leathers, the laces, even down to the packaging design. When you make product in Italy, each worker specializes in one thing, so there’s one guy who makes the laces and one who works with the leather. There’s one guy who just puts the sole and the upper together and that’s from a totally separate factory from the people who do the stitching for the upper of the shoe.” 


Lavati itself is the culmination of over a total of four years of work, they say. “On paper, it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s go start a shoe brand,'” Shertit says. “But when you want to make a product of the highest-quality, there are so many sampling processes, so many trips to Italy to get that extra stitch perfect. It’s the hardest business to be in.” 

That attention to detail has left their clientele impressed. “What we love about it is that Stephen Curry and Zayn Malik have worn our product more than once,” Shertit says. “They both wore it on their birthdays. They wore it in a couple interviews. So they’ve both been seen in the product three, four, five times at least publicly. So that’s a good feeling: that they weren’t just wearing it once.” Malik even wore the brand’s footwear during a cover shoot for Complex Magazine. The founders add that Jay Z, Future, and Nick Jonas also have a pair of Lavati shoes they haven’t been photographed in…yet.


Now, Lavati has paired up with Offset of Migos, arguably one of the premier faces in all of hip-hop. This is the second collection from the New York/ Italian based brand. Each shoe comes handcrafted and put together at one of the most legendary shoe factories in the world.

The lookbook debuts new styles such as a grey chelsea boot, a grey court top, a cream court top, a burgundy chelsea boot and a olive low-top. Some of familiar faces such as Stephen Curry, whose currently taking on the cavaliers in the NBA Finals, comedian Kevin Hart, rapper Post Malone, DJ Khaled and many more have sported Lavati styles. The apparel seen in the campaign are all courtesy of Patron of the New which is Lavati’s exclusive retail partner.


Author: Ashwin Padalkar

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